After a lot of requests and push from friends and runners alike, I have decided to begin coaching in a more formal capacity.

I have been coaching running in some shape or form since 2015, with the volume and nature increasing exponentially every year.

In 2017 I formally qualified under Jack Daniels, via the Run Smart Project coaching  qualification.

I have also been coached by Alicia Vargo since 2016, who not only is one of the most qualified coaches in the world, but has been coached by the likes of Jack Daniels, Joe Vigil, Terrence Mahon, Vin Lananna, and Mike Smith. She also has trained alongside world class athletes like Deena Kastor, Sarah & Ryan Hall, and Lauren Fleshman (just to name a few).

Alicia and her husband Chris have been mentors of mine since I started running, and particularly since 2016, Alicia has had (and continues to) a huge influence in my approach to running and the coaching and performance aspect of running,

I have coached and mentored athletes in all manners of distance (5km – 100mile) on both road, track and trails.

I believe the coach and athlete relationship is the upmost importance, and feel both parties must be mutually invested in that relationship.

If you are interested in being coached by me, please contact me via the details on the contact page.