Quarantine Diaries #8

I missed posting last night. Not intentionally. I had lots to do, and then work required me to dial in for some last minute calls at a later time. Heavy calls to let people know that some will be furloughed and some will be staying on, but on 80% salary (60% for Senior Leadership Team and Execs). I got told I was staying on, which I expected. Many in the business are still ascertaining where they stand, so today ended up being very quiet. I then got stuck into ROO podcast work last night, just as deadlines loomed and stuff needed to be done. Then I needed to relax, and just turned off my laptop before I realised I’d not written anything. Which I’m totally fine with. I deliberately wanted to do a daily ish blog for a few reasons. First off, as a creative writing exercise to challenge and ground me. Second, just for record of my unstructured musings in what is an unprecedented time. Lastly, as a deliberate means to actively share and note things that I am grateful for and things that made me laugh.

So it’s Thursday as I write this. Whilst work as quieter today, I still had plenty to do. I did a lot more podcast work, which is something I enjoy for the most and lets me think and work differently. And importantly, it is fulfilling work.

I FaceTimed Laurel again yesterday, which was great. Basically we just laugh and reminisce about all the times at races etc (like when I made her cry at Black Canyon, or running down Elevator Shaft in the dark without working headlamps at Western States). I look forward to visiting her and Josh back in Golden when this blows over. And a list of other friends in Colorado, California, Arizona and Boston.

Lots of podcasts finished the last few days. Comedy, running, surfing, ‘motivation’ (unsure what other genre Jocko fits into, as I don’t think ‘savagery’ counts). Tried to watch Episode 2 of Tiger King… couldn’t. It’s so aggressive.

I’ve been gravitating towards comedy a lot these days. It’s lighter, and frankly laughing at inappropriate and clever comedy is great. I’ve been speaking to a lot of different people, and it’s great to see gratitude being so prominent with conversations. We all are in the same situation, although many are much worse off. Gratitude is always a really simple way to ground and reflect, particularly in challenging times. If we can laugh and can be grateful, we will be ok.


I’m Grateful my job is mostly secure. Grateful for a fun side hustle. Grateful for coffee (legit SO grateful). Grateful for friends all over the world. Grateful I can run. Grateful for conversations with my coach and mentors. Grateful that I can laugh every day. Grateful for my health. Grateful for my opportunities. Grateful for the lessons I am learning. Grateful that a bad day for me is I can’t go meet a friend for coffee. Grateful for ultra running and the crazy amazing friendships (and conversations) that come along with it. Grateful for cookies (always). Grateful I can write and reflect.

Grateful for what is to come!


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