Quarantine Diaries #7

So Tuesday is almost done, and it almost feels like a routine now. The UK is still in a holding pattern with no new changes to quarantine measures. I’ve kept my day filled with work, and a lunchtime workout. I also was a proud buyer of a 16 pack of Toilet paper, so there is that. Oh and another 500 pushups.

Definitely feeling my mojo is back after last week. I’ve been reflecting, and it is rare that I really get drained of energy. I’m normally very high energy, but that on occasion can come crashing down hard. So didn’t take me long to turn around again, so that is good.

I’ve felt more productive this week than the last two, and I’d say that maybe a bit more structure with some reduction in pressure has helped. So a few little changes have yielded big results. It’s been interesting to write these each night and reflect too. A large part of why I started in the first place.

I drank way too much coffee today (tricked ya, no such thing) and ran way too fast on my workout. Nothing crazy, but I had a set pace/feel and I ran at a much higher effort that I was supposed to. Ooops. Sorry coach.

I’m now into Season 3 of the Office, what I consider to be the in the best group of seasons.  And turns out the Office just had its 15th year anniversary. And speaking of that, what is by far the highlight of my day, is this. John Krasiski, aka Jim Halpert from the Office. His Some Good News show which he just released, to bring good news to the world in this crazy time. A brilliant watch, especially for the Steve Carrell feature. And with that, I’ll sign off.


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