Quarantine Diaries #6

So I am calling this number 6, purely as it’s my sixth entry. I chose not to write on the weekend, so I’m not counting those days.

I was pretty drained on Friday, for a number of reasons, and by the end of the weekend, that hadn’t really changed (in fact, it had grown). I slept in Saturday, which was delightful. Went for a walk to get some groceries (which is more of an adventure these days as you never quite know what you’ll end up with).  I did an easy run, and hammered out a few podcasts (Hilaree Nelson on Finding Mastery was AMAZING). Then just relaxed and watched some tv, stretched, did some work on the ROO podcast (shownotes for an upcoming episode) and read.

Sunday I was up early ish, with plans to run. I felt like garbage (no real reason), went down the road to buy a coffee (sadly, coffee shop was open for it’s last day at least until this blows over, so that was a bummer). They’d done a great job working with the COV14 guidelines and well, I love a flat white. I was then due to do a long run. And I was all ready to go, and got outside, for it to start kinda hailing. The weather was awful, and the hesitation I had already just erupted and I matter of factly said “F this shit”, and went inside. It’s exceptionally rare I don’t want to run (maybe once a year where I just outright have no desire at all), and this was one of those days. I went with it. Emotionally I was fried and I was reconciling another issue that just had me not wanting to go out. So I didn’t, and I didn’t regret it at all.

I spoke to my coach about something, which is historical ish (ie back in 2015 I became aware of it), and something that I wanted to address moving forward. I’ve had this calcium bone growth on my right ankle, and signs point to Haglunds, which is something that isn’t quite an injury, but a issue that has affected quite a few runners (recently Galen Rupp, Gwen Jorgensen, Rob Krar a little bit back and many more). So whilst It doesn’t stop me doing anything, its bothering me and I am looking at taking the steps to investigate further (which I can’t do until all this settles down). So a very privileged problem in many ways, as this is a severe crisis and many have lost loved ones, whilst hospitals don’t have the resources to deal with even half the serious problems. I’ll eventually need to see a surgeon, get an X-Ray, and depending what comes up, maybe go down the surgery route. All whom I mentioned before had surgery, and came back STRONGER, but just thinking about that isn’t a fun thing. I’m in great health, and this is an annoyance and very specific running related issue, and for now at least, doesn’t affect me much at all. Regardless, emotional energy expended which just had me pretty wiped. I relaxed for the rest of the day, and went to bed early after some meditation thing.

I woke up feeling completely renewed, which was a great sign. Started work early, as there was plenty to get through and then made a very important trip, to go source good coffee so I can caffeinate to my hearts content at home.

I ran this afternoon, which was great, and now just waiting for my dinner to cook. Got a quick FaceTime with Laurel, of which some potential group adventures in Arizona for October were discussed. All of which sounds FANTASTIC.

I’ve made a decision to be stricter with my time this week (and moving forward) as last week my time focusing on work just ate away my days and wasn’t sustainable. So that was a positive coming into today with boundaries in place to manage the for now, working from home situation.

I also did another 500 pushups today (50 on the hour every hour from 8-5 will be a regular addition to Quarantine for the foreseeable future).

In response to my only at home coffee situation now, I bought a new mug. A Suits ‘ You just got Litt Up’ mug, which I’m pretty psyched about. Simple pleasures. If you are a Suits fan, you’ll be with me on this one.

We are into week three of quarantine now, and it is feeling normal ish. There hasn’t been any new measures in the UK for a week, which I guess is a good thing. I keep saying, ‘we shall see’, and it applies once again. Hearing stories from people all over the world is insightful for a perspective on everything. I am mostly aware of my privilege, across many levels. And I am really grateful for so many things in my life, including all the opportunities I have had and will continue to get. It’s a tough place the world is in now, but I do feel a lot of positive changes will come from this and we will see wonderful things in the future.

Oh, I also started watching ‘Tiger King’ on the weekend. Holy F, that shit is WILD. It’s an aggressive watch, and unsure If I’ll finish. The downright animal abuse, and so much more is intense and disturbing. And some, how can I put it; ‘unique individuals’ on the documentary.

Finishing on a note of gratitude, one of my favourite things was seeing Elke’s dog on instagram today, carrying a MASSIVE stick that was way too big for the Auburn trails. Sweet Lupine, trying to figure out how to get the stick past stuff was so funny. Love a dog carrying a stick that is way too big for them.


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