Quarantine Diaries #5

Well it’s Friday, and another week down. Pretty intense week for most I imagine, and I’m looking forward to spending the weekend just chilling at home….oh wait.

Well, that’s kinda true. I’m looking forward to not looking at work emails and dealing with people’s problems. Looking forward to next week, where I hope I’ll get back to more writing for MARCOMMS and less site focused work. Anyway, what a week for the UK and the world, and I think everyone will greatly enjoy a few days of finding some semblance of chill.

Currently making a massive pot of chilli, one of my all time favourites and a standard menu item for me. The hotter the better. Watched an Ali Wong Netflix special ,which was great. Not heard of her until she was mentioned on a podcast and wow, she’s brilliant. Will definitely check out more of her specials as I loved her comedy style.

Had a lovely 20 min team Skype call with the MARCOMMS team, which didn’t revolve around work, which was a nice way to end the week. Lynda is such a great boss, and she really leads from the front. I greatly look forward to being a full-time member of her team at some point in the future.

I did 450 pushups today, plus for a change at 11AM, 2 minutes of 30 seconds pushup plank, 30secs holding down position of pushups, and repeated. Holding 30 at the bottom position is the killer, and that changed it up a bit. No pushups at 5PM, as I was out on my run. Bit of a breeze but still sunny and Regents Park was lovely.

In other bigger news. Western States 100 has officially been cancelled for 2020. The right call, and seemingly inevitable. I’ll miss being out for that this year, and having my first experience working at Devils Thumb. Rolling over to next year, entries etc remain. So I’ll be planning to work unless say Amanda gets herself a Golden Ticket as the cancellation of many late Golden Ticket races means none were redeemed. I hope to get out to Auburn this year if things settle down, but we will have to see. I do wonder how many more will get cancelled. With so much uncertainty, I guess we just have to wait and see. My philosophy and process doesn’t change. 2018 I had to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and the shit show of a process meant the UK Gov had my passport for over half the year. So all my travel plans got cancelled, I lost money on flights and missed some crucial racing. So in many ways, similar. I lost money on flights for my Arizona trip (which I should be on now). I’m missing a bunch of races. As 2018 taught me, life goes on. And it isn’t the worst thing. So I keep training. Keep working. Keep preparing. Keep making small tweaks. Trusting the process, and keeping the stoke sky high. Everyone is in the same boat, and there are definitely more important things to focus on. So I’m using this time to become better in as many ways possible, and preparing for when it is my time.

Weekend will be running, relaxing, working on the ROO podcast, FaceTiming family/friends, reading, and not much else. Intentional down shifting I think.

Lastly, things I’ve enjoyed today

  • Cold brew in the morning
  • Lunch time catchup with MARCOMMS
  • Long Underwear Podcast w/ Leah Evans
  • Finding Mastery Podcast with Hilaree Nelson (I need to learn to back country ski so baddddd)
  • Chilli for dinner
  • The anticipation of sleeping in tomorrow
  • Ali Wong’s humour
  • That I’ve done over 2500 pushups this week
  • The satisfaction of setting a few challenges and keeping them going
  • My ability to be mindful and not react to stressful situations

Stay safe everyone, and enjoy your weekend.


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