Quarantine Diaries #9

So I am now into week 4. April is upon us, and if the world was normal I’d be flying to Colorado on Thursday to spend time with friends, and then racing Zion 100km. Then heading to Boston to spend time with friends, spectate the marathon and eat and recover like a champ. But the universe had different ideas, and here we are. Whilst there is some disappointment, I am for the most, quite content. I’m still working (read getting paid and having stuff to occupy my time during the day), I’m enjoying fun little challenges and games I make up (ie 50 pushups on the hour every hour), and generally in good spirits. It’s been an utter delight to FaceTime friends & family in Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Colorado, Squamish and more.  ‘Mor’t (Aussie SAS Sergeant and a mentor of mine) was right, and I quote this a lot; “If you plan early, you plan twice’.

So life for me, is pretty good. I am running almost every day, although my overall mileage is pretty moderate as Coach and I are managing this Haglunds issue. Yes, I’ll likely be getting surgery on it when things settle down, but compared so some of the other Haglunds stories (can’t do a calf raise, cutting the backs out of shoes to run without extreme pain etc), I’m still grateful I can for the most part, run without major pain. Obviously Haglunds being a bone growth at the back of the heel, means it won’t get better and will only get worse over time, so the trick is to keep as much running (including workouts) as possible, until whatever my Podiatric Surgeon and I agree to do. Again, not much you can do without surgery once it has progressed, but I am glad my private health etc is all green lit most of it. So when that needs to be addressed, it will. For now, I’m enjoying the trending sunnier weather, moving and doing as much as I can to stay as fit and strong. In reflection, even if I was healthy, doing high mileage without purpose probably wouldn’t be the smartest choice, as I can’t get bodywork done, nor do I have a timeline for any racing. Would I like to be running more, absolutely. But I’m taking the ankle issue as a blessing, especially as I recognise I am SO privileged that I can even head out the door on a daily basis and run with ease. Even with the Haglunds, I am in a much better position than many. And heck, Italy and other countries aren’t even allowed out. So none of this is to complain, but like a diary entry, for reflection.

I enjoyed my weekend. Sleeping lots, and really making sure I down shift from the week, where I tend to work a lot both for my day job and the side hustle. Taking conscious steps to watch shows I enjoy, and just generally take my time. I’ll have an extra coffee if I want, slow down on my runs and walk in the grass barefoot (or sit in the sun for 15 mins on Sunday) etc. I’ve simplified a lot of things, and still making the weekend feel like a weekend. Which has me coming into the ‘work week’ feeling refreshed and ready. I prefer motion and activity, but recognise that pulling back and creating space is really powerful.

I had a really awesome interaction today on social media. A Pro-surfer I’ve followed for a long time, the incredibly talented Flick Palmateer (born and bred in my hometown Perth), posted a photo about running. I commented and ended up replying to her Instagram story. As she has 200k ish followers I expected she’d never see it. To my delight, she replied and we’ve been messaging back and forth and she asked for some running advice. So that’s been really cool. She’s an unbelievably talented surfer, who not only has done the Pro tour, but has competed in the extremely rare big wave surfing, of which few HUMANS do. Jaws (Pe’Ahi) in Hawaii is monstrous. Between 30-80 foot waves when it’s roaring. So I was so stoked to be chatting to her, as let’s be honest, not only is she a world class surfer, she’s utterly gorgeous. I then realised that I was familiar with her surname (but not from her). Back when I was in my early teens (late 90s/early 00s), I got to spend 2-3 consecutive years learning to surf down in  Margaret River. Now ‘Margs’ is one of Australia’s premier surf breaks, part of the World Surf League, and in and around there is legit surf. Margs is famous for two things. Some of the best wines in the world. And some of the best surf in the world. And who was the person that taught me to surf across 2-3 summers. None other than former pro surfer and World Surf League competitor, Josh Palmateer. Who serendipitously, is Flick’s cousin. I even remembered touring one of the top Australian board shapers factory’s (Maurice Cole). So both the fan girling I did and then the memories of my time surfing in Margs (once the day the beach opened after a week of closures due to such aggressive conditions), have been unreal. I love the ocean as much as I love the mountains, and I am feeling a strong pull back to the water. Not to surf necessarily (although now I really want to get back into it a bit more). Which I guess goes on to challenge and open up the possibilities of ‘where next’ for me. I like natures extremes, and both the ocean and the mountains take no prisoners. They are beautiful and powerful entities, that demand respect. And I know I’ll chase them for the rest of my days.

Last final thoughts

Episode 2 of Some Good News was THE BEST.


Jon Levitt’s ‘For the Long Run’ podcast episode with Ladia Albertson-Junkans was fantastic. Her wisdom is beautiful, and was a delight to listen too. D’Bo’s episode with Katyln Gerbin was also fantastic.

It’s also the last week of being 33. What a crazy thing to think about. I feel so young in so many ways, and physically, mentally and emotionally am in the best place of my life. With SO much more to come. Which is the best place to be. I’ve some of the best people in my life, more opportunities that I had a year ago, 5 years ago, and heck, I’m a completely evolved human from when I left Perth indefinitely back in 2013.

Anyway, this has been a longer one.

Love to all


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