Quarantine Diaries #10

And thats week four done. Work week at least. We are into the Easter weekend and my birthday weekend. I should be mid way to Colorado right now, but we all know why that isn’t happening. Not much can be done about that, so focusing on the present.

It’s been a busy week work wise. People being on furlough, has meant my job has been exponentially busier. I’ve been called in to assist the business in a wider role, which has me covering additional projects all across the country, alongside my current ones. The MARCOMMS team is sadly mostly furloughed, and there really isn’t a ton happening outside of key messaging in that space. So a shame, but the team is still staying connected. I’m also glad I can add more value to the business in a challenging time, and be seen and recognised as someone able to do more in a crisis. It’s kept the workdays more interesting, and I am the type of person that thrives being occupied. So all in all that has been productive, and as I want my business and all the staff to thrive in the future, I’m really proud that I can do more and assist.

We have had a great week of weather, namely I can run in shorts and a singlet. Obviously that means more people are going out and not exactly social distancing, but I can only do my part. It’s been delightful to run in warm weather and sunshine, and enjoy a little bit of time doing drills in the grass. I’m doing one workout a week still, speed on Tues/Weds. Had a 4 mile threshold this week, which is pretty mean. Mile 3 wasn’t a ton of fun and then having to close the 4th and keep pushing a quick clip always burns. Started way to hot as well, so there you go. Thresholds are always pretty mean. Bread and butter workouts, and the longer ones always give me that nervous energy before. Give me km reps anytime! Long runs aren’t really going much over 25kms, partly as there is no sense totally ramping up mileage without any idea when I’ll next race. Plus, managing the Haglunds on my right ankle is key, so that it doesn’t get any worse between addressing that ,whenever that happens to be (currently reaching out to podiatric surgeons to get an initial consult). On a broader view, as access to physios and massage is dead in the water,  going too hard will probably leave a lot of people injured. Sustainability is key, so I am appreciating the moderate workouts and mileage intensity. Running is such a joy and release always, especially in times like these. I’m still doing yoga, mobility and other home stuff as normal, plus a bunch of extra stuff just because I ain’t got anything else to do and have to  break the days up somehow.

I’ve continued FaceTiming friends and it has been THE BEST. More planned this weekend, which will be great. Definitely a positive outcome, has been the amount of real time conversations that many seem to be having. I’m all for silver linings, and focusing on the positives of shitty situations. I keep coming back to gratitude, as the grounding force for my days. Sure, there are ups and downs. However whilst I can still earn, laugh, and appreciate simple things in my day to day, then I have NOTHING to complain about.

Podcasts I’ve enjoyed this week

  • Alexandra Daddario on Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast
  • 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kresicher (I just love laughing to their stupidity)
  • Jess Tonn on Coffee and a Mike
  • Finding Mastery (they are always great)
  • Gary Vee Podcast (Tea with Gary Vee episodes have been FIRE)
  • Wil Anderson’s FOFOP with Justin Hamilton

Greatly looking forward to four days of weekend. Sleeping in (ain’t gotta be anywhere), relaxing, running (once a day as I’m following the rules), and reflecting as I do around my birthday. Like many, going to be a vastly different birthday to what I had planned a few months back. Thats life. It will definitely be a unique birthday. So there is that. I think there a few virtual celebrations planned, so that should be fun. Anyway, I’ve finished my amazing lasagna and want to enjoy the weekend.

We’ve a long way to go yet, but as a global community we are going to get there.

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