Quarantine Diaries #4

Well it seems to be a Thursday theme. Last week was super intense (work wise), and same again today. Not sure what it is but hey, we are through. Guess it just comes to being allocated to three different places at work. And I can’t complain at all (more an observation), as so many are really figuring out when they get paid next.

Did a big grocery shop today, at one of the bigger stores locally. New measures in place, meaning they have security guards limiting the amount of people allowed inside at one time, so everyone is queuing 2m apart and waiting to get in. Wait wasn’t too long, and meant there are significantly improved measures to try and limit interactions within 2m. Shelves were incredibly well stocked (inc pasta), so got a few items I’ve been sparse on. I’m impressed with how well the UK stores have managed and adapted with such high demand and pressure. I don’t think they had any form of precedence or procedure ready, but it’s been great to see. Gives me hope that more innovation can take place. I am hearing stories of companies pivoting their core business to make and distribute protective gear etc. Heck, even my own company Sir Robert McAlpine have been donating protective gear and other things where they can. Plenty of good things coming out of this, and thats where I chose to focus.

Had a workout today, 3 miles of hard hills, 30 seconds up hard, with 60 down to recover. Always a fun workout, and extended the cool down to roll through Hampstead Heath and enjoy the sun and green. As always, running is a big saviour and anchor to the day. I only did 400 pushups today, missing 4PM & 5PM as I was doing my workout.

Listened to a lot of Joe Rogan, both podcasts with Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura, which was obviously tee’d up to coincide with their respective Netflix specials coming out in the last week. Lots of laughter with the crazy stories by all three. All of them have been talking about the Netflix doco ‘Tiger King’, so will probably hit that this weekend. Tom’s story about his little son (2 years old maybe) calling him a ‘little F***’ had me dying with laughter.

I’m back on my 12-18 month re-watching of The Office (US). I’ve watched it all through multiple times, and it’s still brilliant. Steve Carrell just makes Michael Scott so obnoxious. Superb acting. Gets me every time. Timeless show for sure, and one of my all time favourites.

I’m seeing a lot of social media challenges, which I guess comes with people being cooped inside and making the best of things. I’ve been tagged in so many, and have only done one. HAHA. All tapped out.

Almost down a second full week locked down. Still lots of uncertainty in the world so I’m taking solace in simple pleasures. Running. Speaking to friends. Coffee. Good food. Movement. Sunshine. Podcasts. Laughter.

And just finished up a great FaceTime with Jules talking about the podcast. Excited for what’s coming.

Hope everyone is making the best of things



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