Quarantine Diaries #3

Well, here we are again. Whilst this is all about being stuck at home during the COV14 crazy, my goal is not really to dwell too much on it. There is a lot of energy (negative) on that, and my intention has always been to shy away from that. So a quick recap. The more Euro centric lockdown seems to be doing some kind of a job. But there are still lots of people out. In very small groups, mostly singles/doubles and no major congregation. We have a dense population, and when the sun is out, and the parks are close, people will naturally go there. Being forced to stay in is never fun, and human nature wants to rebel against that kind of authority. I hope a little bit more empathy for refugees, and the oppressed, sick, elderly, immobile etc is extended. Maybe thats one of the lessons we as humanity are supposed to learn. It’s morbid, but sometimes you wonder if the universe is just taking control to thin the herd and right the ship a little bit. I’ve seen some religious messages out which are essentially claiming that. Regardless what you believe, I hope this is seen as an opportunity to reflect, come together, unite, break down barriers, and just be better as individuals, groups, countries, and humans. We all have a part to play, and I can 100% say I’ve reflected a lot on who I am, what I am doing, and how I interact with the world. Even simple things as how I respond to my housemates who are stuck in a house with me. There are always little things that you get bothered by, and being in such close proximity all day every day will raise tensions, regardless of how close you are to someone. So I take those daily lessons and growth opportunities in stride, and remember we are all managing the best we can. It isn’t an excuse to not be accountable, and I would say that that is where I struggle the most. I am SO ruthlessly principled, and I find that so often that I will dig in if I find my principles are in jeopardy.  When do you double down on your principles, and when do you adjust, based on whatever information and context is present in an individual situation. A long and nuanced conversation. I just hope we all grow from this and see some long-term changes.

I went for a coffee and double choc chunk cookie today, which was delightful. I was especially impressed that an orderly 2M spaced queue was formed outside Gails Bakery, and everyone was doing what they should be. I posted on Instagram that maybe just maybe, we are allowed to have nice things. It was a nice moment to be part of. I cranked out another 500 pushups today, making it 1500 for 3 days. 50 on the hour every hour form 8-5PM. I ran in the afternoon, skipping a workout for an easy run. I FaceTimed a dear friend in Perth, which was great and a long time coming. I did a lot of work, and marvelled at our MARCOMMS team again, as my business was one of many construction companies that were a huge target by the press today. Lynda, Lisa, Al and the Comms crew, It is SUCH an honour to work with you and learn from you.

I had a call with Julia, Tim, and John aka Team Running on Om. I speak to Jules most days (ha daily really), and was good to get on with everyone and just check in. The work I do for that podcast is really meaningful, and just happens to help with my career ambitions. But more so, there is a lot of good coming from that work and It is an honour to be shaping that.

Tom Segura’s special was brilliant last night. He really does not give a F about offending people. And I appreciate that. Sometimes I think people care too much about the opinions of others and I can think of several large occasions in my life, where the second I stopped giving a F, I saw huge positive changes. That needs to be measured, but I think there is a lot to learn from that. As I’ve learned, someone somewhere is not going to like me (and I can think of at least 2 people who over time just hated me for no real reason), so if you can’t please anyone anyway, why f-ing bother trying. So I focus my energy on doing me, helping and uplifting those that support me, and just staying away from negativity as best as I can. Those who hate and have major problems with life, are generally battling demons on their own, and just project them out. So I choose to be a blessing and truly don’t give a shit a lot of the time if people don’t like something I do. I have people who’s counsel means the world, and make my best efforts to be kind and grateful in every interaction, and honestly own up to all the many mistakes that will come. So there you go, laughing at a comedy show and some nice introspection from that.

I’m proud to see my younger sister Jo, stuck in Uruguay, putting herself out there on Facebook and offering to help anyone she can with her field of expertise (finance/accounting). She’s isolated and away, but still trying to make a larger impact where she can. And there are lots of stories like that, which are inspiring.

Things I’ve enjoyed/grateful for

  • Westworld is back for Season 3, so got the first episode out of the way today. Interesting to see how that all shakes out
  • Nicer weather, shorts and t-shirt for my run
  • Coffee and a cookie
  • Dark chocolate
  • Hamish & Andy podcast
  • Kate Courtney on the Whoop podcast. She’s turned me around on mountain biking a little.
  • Kate Grace’s raw insta post.
  • FaceTiming Louisa
  • Being ok with having a unstructured day
  • That working from home is easy for me. Some find it really hard and I take it for granted about my capacity compared to others
  • The MARCOMMS WhatsApp group chat, full of random stuff to keep everyone sane
  • Chatting to team ROO

Hope everyone is looking after themselves


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