2020 – Burning the Boats

2020. Another decade is upon us and boy did 2019 seem to fly by. January 2019 I was made redundant from a job I really didn’t like, working for a boss and company which had a toxic culture and frankly was totally out of it’s depth. Fast forward to June 2019, I was out in … More 2020 – Burning the Boats


Marathoning & More

The Sunday and day after I DNF’ed at the WAM 100 miler (Whistler Alpine Meadows), I was full of energy, motivated and felt I wasn’t done for the year. I’d felt like that Saturday morning as I drove back from Whistler, after a strategic DNF after spending 10kms off course (see previous blog). Another ultra … More Marathoning & More

Fall Thoughts

In March I said I wanted to write more. It’s now the end of September (October by the time this publishes), and this is my first entry since then. I guess life happens, and I didn’t allocate time to write, and ergo, did not write. It’s funny how easy it is to let things slip … More Fall Thoughts

Running and Life

It’s almost April as I write this, proof that 2019 is well and truly flying by. After a challenging 2018, I was ready for 2019 and like many people, had considerable goals and plans to chase down. Of course, life had other ideas which forced a change and re-focus before January was over. I was … More Running and Life

Fail Forward

On paper, it hasn’t been my year. I know writing this that the problems and challenges I have faced are insignificant compared to the suffering of many, and that I write this from a position of privilege. It still doesn’t make the year any feel any better, and whilst perspective is important, two ultra starts, … More Fail Forward

December Thoughts

I haven’t written anything since my Western States blog back in July. Quite a lot has happened, but for probably a few reasons, I didn’t make the time to write. So let’s dive back in to where we left off. My post Western States bone stress injury healed exceptionally quickly. I was diagnosed with a … More December Thoughts