Quarantine Diaries #1

What a few weeks it’s been. I remember messaging friends 10 days ago saying my plans to travel to the US this week (originally due to fly Weds 25th March to Arizona) remained. I was more likely statistically to carry/transfer the virus by travelling to and from work on a busy London tube. Then the travel ban hit. And then realisation set in. The world is really in deep trouble, and quarantine and self isolation mandates around the globe began. A lot of panic. A lot of misinformation and fear mongering (95% due to the media). And a heck of a lot of uncertainty. I’ve been working from home for a week now. Grateful not only my job hasn’t changed much (I can work from anywhere and have done so for a while), but I have a secure enough job with a company that is in a better position than most. Others are not so lucky, and that is heartbreaking. The emotional and physical toll (lose of life is pretty horrific) due to Cov14 is bad enough.  Small businesses, and those who rely on person to person interactions for their livelihood, are in dire straits. Having lost my job around this time last year, and had to worry about when I was getting paid next, I can only imagine how utterly terrifying this time is for so many. I’m aware of my privilege. I have a perm role, I can work from home, and whilst everyone will be impacted, I know that I am in the minority when it comes to major life changes and stresses. Not saying I don’t have anything to worry about (as who knows what changes and shocks may come), but for all intents and purposes, my day to day hasn’t really changed much.

The helplessness and sheer fear is easy to succumb too. Many are doing it and many were doing it before all this started. I can only thank experiences from my life, sport and particularly ultra-running that have prepared me for a lot of this. There are things I can control, and there are things I cannot. I am taking information only from direct sources of expertise (WHO,CDC, government), and not letting second hand information or fancy graphs on social media influence me (as best I can). The only reliable information is from direct channels, and almost rarely from the media. I am grateful I have running, which is a daily saviour and practice irrespective of what is happening in the world. I have multiple green spaces, a track, and some nice hills all within easy foot access from home. I have other forms of movement (yoga, various mobility & stretching etc), some kettle bells, and my imagination. I have an internet connection. I have podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, and Netflix. I have friends all over the world, a click away. I have more than 5 shops within a km that I can access for food and household supplies, of which is a utter blessing.  So I am pretty well off.

This will be a daily ish (maybe Ill take the weekends off) diary of sorts, partly for my creative output, some routine, and some form of record of what is an unprecedented time. I’ve really no format or clue to how this will evolve, but that is part of the beauty of it.

Thats where I will leave it today. I have done 50x pushups on the hour every hour from 10AM – 5PM (so 400 pushups if my count is correct). Anyone that went to Legacy camp in Busselton over the years would know 50 in a sitting isn’t much of a stretch, nor is 100s in a day. And these were pushups to the standard of Aussie SAS, so no cheating whatsoever. Just a fun challenge I set for myself, as Monday is my sole day off running. Quite comical seeing the 10x pushup challenges on social media, and how utterly pathetic (sorry but true) majority of peoples pushups are. Guess we’ve all got things to work on hey, and most didn’t have pushups as punishment for 10+ years of their life.

Listened to Joe Rogans Podcast with former Navy Seal Andy Stumpf & Billy Yangs with Eric Schranz.

Throughly enjoyed Alison Wade’s Fast Women Newsletter, which is a regular Monday favourite.

So thats Monday, and dairy number 1 done. I’ve a few ideas of what else to write the coming days, so we shall see.

I hope everyone is staying safe and following the guidelines. I know it is a surreal experience, but we all need to do the right thing so we can get back to whatever normal living will look like.

Oh, and lastly. Netflix comedy specials have been a life saver. Bert Kreischers ‘Hey Big Boy’ dropped last week and I DIED laughing for the full 60 mins.

Peace out



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